About Xanova


Xan signifies ZEN.  Zen derives from Japanese pronunciation of Chinese word禅/禅(CHAN) which traces its root from Indian practice of meditation.  

Xanova gear aims to unleash every gamers inner ambition and evolve their capabilities (ZEN) and empower them to reach for the stars.  Xanovas ambition is to create a brand that is relevant for the gamers of today and tomorrow, to always deliver an experience that enhances the awesome world of gaming.

The NOVA Effect

The founder Ms Connie Chiu has witnessed the development of PC Gaming/ Esport industry for majority of past 15 years.   She has teamed up with her long time Italian friends who have been in the console gaming accessory business concurrently.  Blending the Eastern Wisdom with the Italian Fantasy has conjured up a NOVA gaming brand. Xanova products are sparkling with the magic gamer touch and the trendsetting Italian culture and style. 

Gaming without Compromise!
We are passionate about gaming. Behind Xanova, there is a team of cross-cultural, highly skilled and creative gamer professionals, committed toprovide gaming gears that are at the frontiers of technological advancements, that look fantastic, are comfortable to use, and are durable.