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Soft Surface Gaming Mousepad
Wrist Rest: Pro Pro S

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Complex soft-elastic substrate base

New revolutionary E-sports Mousepad, compatible with most mice.

Fresh unique texture

Deimos Pro series is made of multiple separate layers. Smoother than the rubber cloth mousepad, more flexible than the hard mousepad.

Advanced control stability

The surface is attached with a more flexible base, providing better smoothness and reducing the change of resistance due to elasticity and downward pressure. Easier to control and more durable.

A revolution to the traditional mousepad design

The addition of the memory foam palm rest (available with Pro-S variant only) brings comfort to the long gaming session


Optimized surface coating for highly responsive tracking Micro-textured finish that gives you pinpoint accuracy and effortless speed Water repellent surface
Natural rubber base Surface: Cloth Size: 310*45*18mm